Now slide, baby slide!

Samantha is the happy recipient of her favorite park toy. Check her out on the first day.



Ok, Internets out there, I want to pose a question. Something Hubs saw last night on I15 in Utah caused us to reflect on "the right thing to do." I am curious as to what YOU would do, my dedicated readers.

Traveling south on the freeway going about 75 miles an hour, Hubs came up on a car with a young woman driving and her perhaps 15-month-old son standing up in the back seat clearly not in a car seat. He says there was a car seat back there, but the baby was not in it and instead was standing waving out the back window at him.

Photo of the one and only Britney Spears

Once the woman saw him gaping at her, she tried to slow down to get away from his view. He slowed down to check it out again and she drove around trying to avoid him.

It is nauseating to consider the implications of an accident going that fast with the baby not strapped in. Being propelled through the windshield or crushed somehow are just a few possibilities.

So here lies the question: Would you call the police or report the incident to someone?

I told Hubs to hang up with me and get the license number and call the police. He didn't want to do that which is fine. One never knows what a phone call like that could do. On the one hand, it may save a child's life. On the other, if the call led to a child being removed from his home, is a life (potentially) in foster care better?  A rabid CPS worker can swoop in for things like this. Would one want this on his or her conscience?



Nothing too noteworthy in our neck o' the woods. Except that I love taking Samantha on wagon rides to the park. She is all joy. I know it's obnoxious to say, but there never was an easier kid. She communicates well, she eats eberything, she is barely mobile, she never gets into anything she shouldn't, she goes to bed before 7pm and doesn't wake for twelve hours. This girl makes it easy to envision more kiddos. As long as they are clones of her.

The above picture resulted when I asked her to give me a "pretty smile." What an attempt! 

I can't believe how fast it's going




Has anyone else ever watched an episode of The Biggest Loser while sitting on the couch eating ice cream? Does it matter if it's low fat and it was a small bowl? 

No, no it doesn't. 



I am checking in while I visit my sis Allie and her brood in what Stephen Colbert accurately called the "Hell-scape" that is Tucson, AZ.

I do not have the special ability to appreciate desert landscape, but rocks and cacti front yards really do it for some folks.

Samantha and I were here to help welcome baby Grace Renee into their family. She is so sweet and despite a rough recovery for poor Al, (think: spinal leak headache due to shoddy epidural) we are having a wonderful time. Samantha is in LOVE with her cousins and continues to build her vocab which now includes the important words "bounce" "dance" Tessa" (one of her cousins here) "yep" "rock" and "water."
I  am a huge fan of new babies (read: sappy weepy lunatic), and feel so lucky to be here for the final installment of this fam's offspring.

My older sis is a trooper and I am learning a lot by pretending to play mom to four kids under age five.

But now, its 9pm and I have an oh-so-tiny newborn diaper to change and lunches to make and a bed to find. 
One these little people took my toothbrush like, two days ago. It's a problem.