Good news and Bad News

The windows lit up in support of our boys in Andrew's work place, the famous Prudential building in Boston.

Good news first: Our beloved Red Sox have won games 1 and 2 against the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. We love post-season baseball in our home and it has been fun to watch the games over the phone with my parents in Denver, who are transplants to the area but enjoying the new rivalry. We can't wait to see what happens in Game 3. In fact, Hub's dad is the author of a major showdown between the two sides of the family: Whatever home team wins the World Series earns the right to name our unborn child, within the bounds of the respective team rosters. Votes are in for Coco, Hideki, and Dustin, and my family is in a pickle trying to pick from a roster of Rockies names as La Troy, Ubaldo, Yorvit and Kazuo. Let's just say we have more than one reason to hope for a Sox victory.

Bad news next: Beloved fantasy author Robert Jordan passed away before completing the final book in his Wheel of Time series. It was to be the 12th book, the first of which, Eye of the World, I first read when I was twelve. I've been waiting for him to finish the series for fifteen years and the news came with a shameful amount of selfish "What?! Noooooo!" 
Here is the word from his official website: "Robert Jordan left a partial manuscript for A Memory of Light and audiotapes and notes for the rest of the book. We believe that his wife and editor, Harriet, and his publisher, Tom Doherty, have every intention of seeing the book completed and published but there are no more details available at this time."

I am a closet fantasy genre appreciator. I was definitely an adolescent who enjoyed escaping into these massive 800 page books that made it possible to do magic, defeat evil, change the course of the world, all wearing a low cut dress and riding horses. What's not to like? I know there are many who will miss the talented author who sucked me in at a young age and kept me going for sixteen years. I will be among the non-cape-wearing dorks standing in line to get a copy of the final book when they release it.


Our New Vocabulary

hyperemesis gravidarum: constant vomiting and nausea due to a body's intolerance of pregnancy

zofran: drug that works only sometimes to help tiny tiny amounts of food stay down

IV: my best friend

moderate bed rest: what my OB has put me on after a trip to the ER and a subsequent 48 hour hospital admittance to try to stop me from losing more weight.

Saving grace: Aunt Molly who is visiting and helping take care of Samantha and me and who is hourly earning her way into heaven

forever: how long it feels I haven't done anything. ok, so it's only been 4 weeks since I have driven my car, gone to the store, gone for a walk, or gone up and down the stairs without puking.

Quote of the Week: "I know this sounds crazy with your toddler at home, but all I can tell you is to not move." - Dr. McCrary

Don't move huh? And we all thought I was one sick puppy last go around. For all your single-child parents out there who have people tell you every pregnancy is different, and "maybe it will be different next time" it is very true.  It could be worse. Much worse. I am humbled and grateful I have some help, I don't know what I would do without it.

Sadly, it is time to lie down again as I am getting sick. Here are some pics of Saint Molly (who is called Pommy by Samantha)