Samantha wanted to show everyone her new identity- she insisted we document it on video. The first line of the video is: "I a silly bird!"



Samantha turned 2 years old on the last week, but we couldn't bear to celebrate it on that day because Hubs was on business in London, so we postponed it until yesterday. Luckily, kids have no concept of time.

She was thrilled with thoughtful gifts from family and requested we sing "Happy Birthday" and do the candles three times. Hey, it was her day, why not? As per her most recent obsession I made her a dirt cake, with gummi worms and flowers in crushed up Oreo 'dirt' on top. She had fun helping make it and eating it. Thanks to the fam  for coming over and helping make her day special, and thanks Grandma Jane for initiating my daughter to the wonderful world of Barbie. We love our sweet girl...

2-year-old Samantha facts:

-She can count to 14 by herself, usually adding 18, eleventeen and 19

-She can identify 50% of her letters and knows words that start with "M"

-She loves digging in the dirt (hence her cake), playing in her kitchen, helping me in the real kitchen, and going on walks to find puppies

-Her favorite physical activity is jumping, following closely by twirling. It helps when she is wearing her new Barbie nightgown

-She has recently learned to call her parents by their first names if "Mom" and "Daddy" do not produce the speedy response she is looking for

-She still wears a size 3 diaper, but finally has broken in 18-24 months clothes.

- Most often used/best loved phrases "Mom, I need to see you!" "Samantha do it!" "Samantha, Mama, Daddy, Coco, happy family best friends!"

I am bursting and enormous and uncomfortable and ready to be done with the pregnancy, but enjoying the last few days with this amazing girl being an only child.