Uh oh

Samantha's date with the vat of Vaseline could have gone SO much worse...

So this is love, hmm mmm



Why have I been posting so much? I am not sure, but maybe it's my way hanging on to a thread of sanity and normalcy with a new infant in the house and trying to recovery from the surgery (pitifully slow). The Percocet is officially done and I am a little sad.

I had no idea how much I would appreciate my two-year-old once the baby got here; if anything, I expected things to take a turn for the worse with her and that I would revel in the non-smelly diapers and sweet innocence of the infant. But Mr. Baby is a wailing, pooping, burping, secreting bundle of BOYness that I am trying to figure out, and Jane is still sitting on her pedestal in my eyes. I realize the Terrible Twos Fairy reserves the right at any moment to visit my girl, she just hasn't come yet. She is so easy.

Here are some gems of her's I needed to document for posterity. After getting out of the tub last night: “I need to stay nudy.”

Running into Fifi our cat and both jumping in surprise: “Fifi is scared to me, Mom.”

After hearing me complain about Fifi’s fur on the couch: “Maaaamaaaa, Fifi is on cooouuch!” Can you believe the tattle telling is already begun?

Patting herself on the backside I asked “What are you doing?” She replied “Making Samantha burp!”

 After a nice African American young man came to the door seeking support for a non-profit venture: "Mom, dat Uncle Jarom!" My younger brother Jarom is certainly not black. I am still trying to figure this one out.

"I need to ride on Samantha's new bike with Daddy to park."

Watching me nurse Baby Boy: “Baby eating Mom’s booties.” Where did she get the word "booties?!"

Watching me nurse Baby again later: “No, Mark, that’s my lap.”

Sitting on my knees while I nurse Baby (again) “I love you Mom. I love you I love you I love you.”

Parenting kids different ages is truly a joy, because at any given moment, someone is doing something wonderful. And at most given moments, they are all cute.


Get that thing away from me!

That is how Samantha is going to remember her childhood I think. For every cute picture of I have of her, I have 30 frames of this:



Little boy blue was cooperative for me today though, and impressed the doc gaining a whole pound in 10 days!



We have a million pics of the last few days. Having a new baby is obviously intense, so I am gonna dump favorites, I know it's a lot but I can't resist. Thanks to all our friends and family for phone calls, emails, visits at the hospital and love. We feel so blessed. Having a new little one in our lives is magical and wonderful, plus he hasn't hit the six-weeks-I-no-longer-sleep phase.

We have very few open-eyes pics of the little man, he is quite the sleeper. I can't complain, but the obsessive picture-taker in me is getting antsy to see those baby blues.

IV fluids make faces and feet puffy, but I love my boy even a few moments after surgery

Samantha meets Brother, no name yet, for the first time

Nothing makes a two year old look bigger than placing her next to her newborn bro...

My favorite gift so far: a quart of ice cream from White Mountain Creamery in Wellesley from Hubs' brother

Beloved Gma Jane is here to save us!

luscious lips

You all know I LOVE crying babies (seriously, I love when my kids cry)

getting ready to leave the hospital - Baby wearing a baseball outfit, just like his dad did when he was a baby - thanks Gma Marianne!

Samantha liked the fun toys at this joint

More, of course, to come...