Davis Farm

This weekend we hit up the Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA with the frends. A day with animals, self-face painting, playgrounds galore, friends, and a water park, ya just can't go wrong. BTW, Bostonians, well worth the drive and the entry fee since one kiddo was free. The kids loved it and so did the parents!

Samantha wasn't so sure about the baby cow pen. She wanted to brush the calf but didn't want to be licked. I say, don't knock it 'til you've tried it, I think calf tongues are adorable. Really.

Milking a fake cow. far safer than the alternative.

Hubs feeding a little friend.

They don't mind the babies escaping from their pens, so there are tiny goats and sheep running around and begging for food.
Don't fence me in

Goin' fishin!

Mom and S having some lunch. The humidity was not kind to my hair.


Baby Boy slept in the sling almost the whole time! - I call that a successful outing...


Rainy days and Mondays

After Samantha did this on this rainy day....

I decided to get her out of the house to do this...

Now if I could just devise a way to clean the room while she naps, that would be brilliant.


6 weeks already...

Baby Boy's Likes: being held, sucking things, tracking things with his eyes, eating, sleeping, being carted around in a sling, being up at 1:30am
BB's Dislikes: being put down, at all, anytime, poopy diapers, getting bopped by his big sister, the loud noise of playoff basketball. Maybe next season...

Mom's Likes: his rapidly increasing baby fat. His sissy was never chubby and he is a little tank. I also like how well he eats, when he practices smiling in his sleep, how he is so happy when I let him sleep in our bed with me. That he calms down when I "shhhh shhh" him.

Mom's Dislikes: He has his days and nights very much turned around still. When he plays the "I don't want to sleep unless you're holding me" game.

This two kid thing is growing on me. 


Nada Mucho

We've been hitting up local spray parks and pools to enjoy the fabulous weather. I feel proud about getting out of the house with friends, less thrilled about swim suit weather being upon me with my post-pregnancy body still in it's sagging glory. But that's ok. Unfortunately I have my hands so full with Mark and Jane at the parks I have not even bothered to bring the camera along.

Our favorite place to hang out in the morning is my bed. Here are my kiddies just being themselves.

Baby Boy goes from the picture above to the picture below in about 2 seconds. He cracks me up.


This belly laugh is no small thing.

I never thought I'd survive summer time with two littles but I am gonna give myself a big high five. Go me.



Samantha's attempt to wear nursing pads like mom. The indoctrination of motherhood begins...

Uncle Brian had his senior prom this week as well as graduation! We are so proud of him and were thrilled to get to take pictures of him and his date before they went to "the ball" as I told Samantha.

Some of you may have noticed that Hubs' has been trying out a whole new look for the last several months, wicked long hair. I LOVE it, and he has enjoyed it as well. With the warm weather though he decided to cut off his lovely locks. I think he is a hunk either way.



He's so hot.