Cat out of the bag

So, a few weeks ago I alluded to some big things going down 'round here. One of the moving pieces has come together, others are still going to take awhile.

We bought our first home!!! We are thrilled, humbled and in a state of shock that we were able to make it happen.

More pictures will be forth coming. It is new construction and stands empty, waiting for us to decide what on earth to do with each space. It is in a highly convenient location to friends, to work, to a Trader Joes. We met some neighbors this weekend and Samantha is delighted that we live next door to a gorgeous and friendly basset hound. I love living near dogs, as it makes me feel better that we won't be getting one.

We have a hard time deciding what our favorite things are, but looking at the pictures the amount of light is it right now!