I Want Surgeries for Christmas with an Update!

We had "the talk' with our kids at the dinner table this evening.

The one about how they have a lot of stuff.  And how lucky they are that their bodies work, and if they get sick we have the best hospitals and doctors coming out of our ears in the Boston area so they will never have to wait to get help. And how this is not the case for most people in the world.

I asked them tonight at dinner, point blank, if they would be OK not getting presents from us or Santa and instead giving the money to help the above two beautiful people in Ethiopa get needed surgeries.

I cried as they said yes. They made a sign. They would like YOU to ask your kids, or yourself, if you want to make signs, too. They want you to ask if there is anyone in your family who would be willing to give to these friends, instead of you this year.

Please consider making this miracle happen. Please donate to Dr. Hodes' organization.  He treats so many who without him would have zero access to healthcare in Ethiopia. He said when he saw their pictures, "Send em over!" If you make a sign too, please come back to the comments and share the link to your picture! Share it on Facebook! Send it to your families and friends.

Make sure when you donate you indicate Liz McGovern in the "tribute gift" section so we can track how we are doing.

Let's give ourselves and our kids the magic of sacrificing for the sake of someone else this year. I have a feeling this could be an addiction. I almost can't wait until next Christmas...

*Update! Brahu, who has the tumor, had x-rays done which were sent electronically to the surgeon in Germany. He is now to have a CT scan done. He is being cared for by the nuns of Mother Teresa's with our help!  The money is already at work. Please, donate! Share this with friends and familty, if you need more details,  go here to my previous post to see how get to the donation page and how to make sure we know your donation is for these sweet friends in Ethiopia.


Melissa said...

Good for them! That's an awesome gift to them and to the people who will benefit. I'm impressed!

Sarah said...

We will donate! Thanks for the inspiration.

hotflawedmama said...

I know I don't have to tell you how much that first boy in particular speaks to this family. :) Count us in. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

karin said...

thank you for this reminder and for making it so easy to donate! just did:)

scooping it up said...

Thank you for those who donated! Every tiny bit helps!

jen said...

So wonderful! I'm reading the book, This is A Soul, right now.
beautiful idea, beautiful kids.