Bending the rules

Last night Hubs and I finally made it to see Skyfall.  It was a much needed non-Lowes or Sears related date. We only see two or three movies a year, and this one has been on the list. In fact, we have attempted to escape a few times to see it, but failed bedtimes and sold out theaters have thwarted us previously. Tonight, luck and melatonin prevailed and we slipped into the theater during previews. It felt like a miracle. We unwrapped smuggled-in cookies and leaned back and contemplated napping, that is, until the feature began.

How did we get out, you ask? Here is our "secret" which has so far worked three times and not worked twice: We put the toddlers in bed and hope it takes, and the older four are allowed to hang out together and read and color past normal bedtime, under the promise they will be nice to each other and be asleep in bed before we return. Since they love getting to stay up and have no idea when we are returning, they do a great job putting themselves to bed.  The sitter has never actually had contact with our children while she is here. We pay her to clean the kitchen and call 911 should something warrant it.

The movie was wonderfully entertaining.  I reflected that it made me want to work out more. Obviously, because in the event that Hubs should suffer an untimely death and Daniel Craig wanted to marry me, I would feel weird being so mushy and out of shape in comparison to my new husband.  I appreciated the effort on behalf of the director to make sure the audience has the opportunity to witness his chiseled bare back as many times as possible in the film. On second thought, maybe I should get on the treadmill right now, just in case.

We returned home giddy to have our car not towed since we parked in a partially legal spot, and we found  six sleeping little people. However, the older ones did tweak the rules a little; we found them engaged in an unauthorized sleep over.


We still are going to keep the kids in separate rooms for awhile; it's the smart thing to do. It's important to have rules and keep everyone safe. It's hard to keep our guard up when things seem to be going so well, but we know it's for the best still. I do love how they love each other so. It is so lovely to behold.


KL said...

Amen to Daniel Craig's back and I like the way you handle the babysitter situation. I kinda want to try that!

Kate said...

Congrats on your date! And so sweet that they want to sleep in the same room.

hotflawedmama said...

Love this

Claudia said...

Cute cute cute! And no, I'm not talking about Daniel Craig!

Nancy said...

I love how that one bed back there is empty! Young backs that can handle the floor!

Melissa said...

Love the unauthorized sleep-over and glad you guys were able to enjoy a night out. So fun!