It's the little things

One of my favorite things about home schooling is hearing all the ridiculous wonderful tidbits that come out of the little folks' mouths. And being there for the connections made and the joy they have learning. I get to see it, verify it, share in it. There is no lag time between something they observed at 10am to when I see them at 4pm and ask how their day went and they say fine. Obviously, it complicates my personal hygiene and house organization having them here so much, but right now, where we are as a family being together so much is priceless. (How is that for obnoxious home school mom speak? So sorry.)

Today's revelations are brought to you first by Cookie Monster, age four. We were reading one of our favorite poetry anthologies Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face: And Other Poems: Some of the Best of Jack Prelutsky, and fell on this poem, about a "Spatuloon"

Cookie was pointing out his hilarious tail, how it can flip pancakes. Then he pointed
And look, there there are the bird's boobs.

Honey, those are not boobs, they are the birds wings!

Oh, they kinda look like boobs.

Then three-year-old Tsega chimes in amid wild roars of laughter from the girls (we were all rolling with giggles)  Mom, your boobs look like mine. Not dat! 

Let the record state that I do not have plump bird wing breasts. And that children's poetry books can serve as Rorschach tests for little boys. 

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Sha Zam- said...


sigh. I wish mine looked like that.