Twenty or Thirty Times a Day

Up to my eyebrows in schooling. Blogging is taking a hit. We finally, after holy cow, five months home, have hit what I would consider a legitimate stride with home school. We've got math, grammar, English, writing, penmanship, cursive, poetry, history, reading and comprehension, geography. Science is still pretty low on our priority list but in warm months we will be doing earth and messy science outside, so I don't mind waiting until English is even stronger and waiting another few months to build more in.

So, it turns out schooling four kids is a full time job. But I have hope for sanity: they are starting to direct their own studies a little bit. Which is awesome to see some independent work happening. Today they worked for an hour and fifteen minutes with zero intervention. As in, I was taking their brothers to therapy and gymnastics down the street and hitting up the grocery store. I came home and their work was done and the girls had practiced piano. WIN. WIN WIN WIN. (Can you see me fist pumping in the air?)

In the meantime, some version of this nonsense below goes on at least twenty times a day. There was only blood twice today so, hey, success, right?

Carry on friends. It's a little busy over here. But hopefully good things keep on keeping on. And hopefully in the coming weeks I have awesome stories to tell about Tsega finally starting EMDR therapy and maybe even that hippo therapy I've been blabbing about like a love-sick groupie for months. Baby steps to insurance coverage...

PS. A little ditty of mine was published in other realms of the internet, so if you missed it the first time, throw on a swim suit and jump in. Communicating Under Water

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Lawdy I love those two little yum yums.