Let Go

A few weeks ago I was asked to submit a blessing or a thought for a friend's Blessingway, a ceremony of women supporting and celebrating a woman who is on the cusp of becoming a mother. 

I thought a lot about my friend and what an example she is of strength and commitment  I thought about my own births, three of them, and adoptions, three of them. I thought about my current life, my current role as a mother, and how very different the challenges are than I ever could have dreamed. I thought about how things might have gone had my body not been a mess. (You new readers don't know anything about my malformed uterus, my bed rests, my PICC lines, my hyperemesis, the pre-term labor, the three traumatic and some, unexpected c-sections, and the surprises that seemed to accompany just about all the additions to our family. It's been a wild ride.) I thought about what it means to be a powerful woman, even amid turmoil. 

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And that night, in the small hours of quiet, I wrote this poem. I harbor a small hope that somewhere at another blessingway or baby shower or friend to friend, it can be shared with other women of faith who are mothers. I love reading this out loud to myself, as a prayer, a mantra of who I am and what I believe about myself. 

Thank you for reading.


For some men of this world, power is something to be built, bought, gained, grasped, seized.
It is loud, it is bloody.  
Bodies and spirits, whole nations crushed in the pursuit of it. For them, power is control. 

There is a different power with women.  It builds life, nurtures it. It creates bodies, houses spirits, and lifts, not crushes. 
In birth, it too, it can be loud and bloody, but it does not trample. It does not hold on with white knuckles,  clinging to sword.

No, a woman is most powerful at the moment she decides to let go of control. 
To give over to God and her divinely-fashioned body and trust that those two entities know what they are about. 

Her greatest power during birth, and in the years that will not stop crashing over her as she raises up the spirit she once housed, is in letting go of what she thinks should happen and what should be.
God, her soul, and perhaps even her body still know what they are about. 

Her power is to realize that every storm, every road block, every pit fall is an opportunity to let go. 
And she must realize this while the wind blows, while the hail beats down, when she's down in the mud after a treacherous fall. 
Oh, if she can only see that when life has wrested her to her knees and she is in darkness,
Only there, kneeling with acceptance and soul-searing pleading, can He clothe this woman who has given up her power in His power. 

In giving birth, she lets go and gives in, and then spends the rest of her life re-learning that catechism.
She must remember how powerful she was when she cried in pain trying to find her baby's way from warmth and darkness into bright lights and strange voices.
How powerful she was when she took a step into life's vastness, and her path was not lit.
When she forgave herself.
When she dropped the burdens she was carrying and laid them at her Redeemer's feet.

In birth, in life, as a parent, and even perhaps in death, a woman is most powerful when she lets go.


Doing My Best said...

This is beautiful; thank you so much for sharing it!

The Kyles said...

your poem was one of the highlights of the evening! Thank you so much for your beautiful and insightful words.

Three Lads and a Lis said...

That was beautiful. It really touched my heart.

I'm currently pregnant with my 4th, or rather 9th, baby and waiting on pins and needles to see if it will continue for another 34 weeks or not (possible threatened miscarriage). I have traveled that path five times before and wish to not add a 6th but to add a 4th child to our family.

I am reminded everyday to succumb to His will and let go of the control I do not have. Whatever will be, I know He will succor me.

Thank you for sharing that.

Sha Zam- said...

I love your heart and the ripples you give as gifts. I really needed to feel again today. thanks

hotflawedmama said...

Amazing and beautiful.

Jamie said...

beautiful and poignant, so very gripping, I love it!! Thank you for the reminder that I am divinely created, and that I am called to power in letting go.