Pantry Redeemed

We've lived in our house for four years and known when we moved in the closet space was ample and enviable but so so poorly used. We are are so busy that it takes us a long time and slow build to an unlivable state to make change. We hit a breaking point with our kitchen pantry last weekend. Here is the before. Seriously, any of you who love organization are about to break out into hives, mkay?
 photo pantry1_zpsba58130c.jpg

As you can see, there are boxes of stuff, piles of stuff, things falling onto the floor, it is totally disgusting and not at all easy to live with. The space is huge but the shelves are only about 9 inches deep, maybe 10. Totally wasting a fabulous pantry. Hubs, bless his hunky little heart, spend President's Day at The Container Store (Also known as: Rob you Blind Store) and locked up in here with a drill and my best wishes.

The shelves are almost twice a deep, and go higher up, and are now on the side, not just back of the pantry, as well as the door. We also decided to do drawers to containerize all the bags of beans, rice, oats, and pasta that tend to fall all over the place. Now, the only thing that needs containment is the 50lbs of t'eff, the Ethiopian kind wheat used to make injera. Right now that is in bags on the floor mucking up all the pretty. Those large buckets house rice, flour, and sugar. Almost out of sight on the right are containers of onions, potatoes, shiro, brown sugar, etc. It feels so good to no longer live in chaos. HA HA HA HA! Just kidding! We still have plenty of chaos, but at least one tiny thing is not stress inducing.

 photo pantry2_zpsdb3aa08e.jpg

What is up next? Well, my bedroom laundry/clothes situation is far more embarrassing than this pantry was. In fact it is so bad the camera may never document it. What room is your private shame?


Ashley said...

Do you make your shiro? I just bought another container at the "local" (read 1.5 hours away) Ethiopian Restaurant today and may have shed a tear or two because of the outrageous price! I would love a fairly easy recipe..........

scooping it up said...

Yes Ashley, I make shiro every week. Here is your recipe:

1 onion, cut it up as humanely possible, or my preference puree the snot out of it in a food processor

3 cloves of garlic, the same

1 tsp powdered ginger, or 1/2 inch of real ginger, also buzzed through the food processor

Let those three cook dry, no oil in a medium heat pan stirring around and sweating for 5-8 minutes.

Add 1 1/2 cup oil or kibbeh, if you have it

Stir in 1/2 cup or so of tomato paste or crushed tomatoes or your own pureed tomato. Some kind of tomato yumminess

Add 1 cup of water and get a whisk ready, lower heat to medium low

Add a heaping cup of shiro. I use pre-mixed, so it has spices and berbere already added.

Whisk in powder to avoid lumps. Add more water as necessary, it should be a little more runny than hummus.

Stir and cook for 5-10 more minutes, adding water or a little more oil as necessary to get consistency right.

Hope this helps!

Tanisha Christie said...

Hi, Scooping it up! Great organizer you are! I am sure you have redeemed your pantry and added more to it! So much to do so little time! God bless!

Deborah said...

Our basement used to be our private shame (which was okay, because nobody ever went down there). When we had our second child we turned it into a Master Bedroom. Now I find myself wanting to show it off, but if people don't know what a mess it was before, it's not quite as impressive!