Making Time, Making up "Therapy" Games

I vowed recently to give my littlest, Brady, more one on one time.  Two things have helped his devil possession challenging behavior this week. I cannot believe I forgot the first rule of parenting, at least the kind of parenting to which I subscribe: When baby cries (even an almost three "baby"), pick him up.

Isn't that ridiculous? That I haven't been living my Baby Wearing Truth? If one is trying to get something done like cook, or teach life cycles of frogs and a small person is wiping tears and snot onto one's leg and screaming so loudly no good thing can happen, one should be smarter than I, go get the Ergo carrier out of the car, and make the madness stop. Sadly, both of the tiny boys have wanted to be held, and they fight over  Ergo time now as well. I literally cannot win them all. They are driving me bonkers. And I mean that in a I-look-like-I've-been-hit-by-a-truck-tired way.

But besides being more deliberate about holding time and hugging, I have been trying to remember to bestow a few minutes of alone time for teaching and playing.  Recently Brady saw the big kids playing a feisty game of UNO and was bummed he couldn't keep up, so I decided to train him for future endeavors.

He obviously was rocking this, so like his awesome Early Intervention therapists suggest: I took it up a notch. Made the game harder. I thought since the two babies are so flipping emotional lately, we'd work on social skills and turn taking. I called in Tsega who had been having a hard time but pulled it together for a few minutes of bliss. Brag alert: they are adorable. And for those of you with toddlers at home, I am sure you will tense up as I do while watching, at all of the moments that could have turned them into puddles of rage, but didn't.

There. Patting myself on the back. Because even though I shouldn't have to force myself and remember to get down on the floor and play with the babies, it's hard. And a little time and a little giggling goes a long way with them, sweet little monsters.

Is it Friday yet? No?


Erica said...

the second video wont play! "this video is private"

scooping it up said...

FIXED!! Thanks Erica!

Rae said...

Amazingly cute. And what a good reminder to have focused time with each child.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will work for you but I felt like it was a stroke of GENIUS when I realized that if I was lying down or sitting on the floor that both babies could get lots of me at the same time! Just being on the floor gave them the access to me they needed. I could even sometimes be getting other stuff done as long as I was on the floor things went so much better.

good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Bridget Cole said...

Great idea. And great babywearing reminder! I also get busy and put them off yo do "one more thing." Before I know it those baby times will be gone!

Travels... said...

Hi, the boys are so smart! Can you please let me know the song in the 2nd video? (the one with both boys). I really enjoyed it.