So It Begins

It's been a looong time since we really engaged in organized team sports. A certain almost-five-year old has insisted/begged for t-ball, and it was time. Cookie Monster was looking good out there today.





Mimi wanted to try out this new, American sport and was pretty rockin' herself on the sidelines.

This is how Tsega feels about t-ball. Though he claims when it warms up he may feel differently.

And while we are very proud of Cookie and excited to be sports parents again, the shock of the afternoon was the preemie. You know, the one with four to five Early Intervention appointments a week? For all manner of therapy? Well, this is how he feels about baseball, t-ball, and really, and kind of ball. People. He's two-and-a-half for crimeny'sakes. Get a load of this stance.

He can't speak yet, but if you don't throw him another pitch he will throw the biggest tantrum you've ever seen. Now go get the darn ball and throw it to him again. For the next three hours, thanks. 


Shannon said...

Your children. wow. They will never cease to surprise and amaze. never.

Jessi said...

Too much cuteness!! My 5 year old Aiden is also playing t-ball for the first time. They have their first game the 29th and I can't wait to see him in his uniform!

Inspired said...

Love. love. love this post. the boys are so handsome. seriously.