Speaking of Home, Six Months In...

Maybe when we go to Ethiopia, can I stay one night with her? Sleep in my old house?

Maybe when we go to Ethiopia you can leave my hair free and watch her do my hair, to see how she does it.

Maybe we can bring her here, and she can sleep right by me. I know she would love this sleeping by me in this room.

Maybe we can buy her a washing machine. She not have a machine like us. She has big big bowl with water and soap and it is so hard washing clothes. Maybe we can bring her one on the airplane. She will be so happy.

When we go to Ethiopia, you will not know Amharic, and we will be the ones who know!

Maybe when we go to Ethiopia next year, we go to her house, stay a few days, she will cry.

I chime in, When we go and visit her, we will all be crying. Big big sad happy feelings. Yes, we will all be crying.


They are happy here. They love their new family. I mean, we have really lucked out with how well they have adjusted thus far and how much they have opened their heart to the love of second parents and the tight knit nature of the siblings situation. But it is hard. Every day. And my girls miss their mom and Ethiopia every.day.  We call her, we write her. We talk about Ethiopia every day. Amharic is spoken every day. Memories shared every day. And they are counting down until we can go back.

We are in the baby stages of planning the trip and making sure they know it. They need to go home. They need to visit again (and again.) Because this home, is their second one. We are not an American family. We are an Ethiopian American family, and I love that my little Habeshas do not let us forget it.


Nancy said...

Amen. Can't wait till you go back! And I hope there is a "long-term" visit in the future someday too.

Silje said...

I love your family. I want to be one of your children in that you love them so and support them so and let them be themselves and support their thoughts and dreams of Ethiopia

Kait said...

I love that you honor the fact that you an Ethiopian American family. It feels like so many family do small things to honor the birth origins of their children but really just want to wipe that out of them and make them American. We are so proud that our children are Ugandan and Puerto Rican and AA. We are proud of the people who came before them and the countries that they come from. It's refreshing to see another family who is too.

Barb Aloot said...

YES. When we adopt children, we adopt their culture and their history too. How can we expect them to be part of our families if we don't make room for their whole selves, including the pain of wanting to sleep in their old home with their first family.

Sharon said...

Love this.

Paula said...

We are planning a trip for next summer... at least a month in Ethiopia to visit birth families and some of the historical sites. The Habeshas in our family aren't the only ones who are excited.

Captain Murdock {Godwilladd.com} said...

Love this. The end.

Tesi said...

agreed cap't