Winning Easter

I was starting to type out this big set up about how Easter has been rough for awhile. There was one year in there, maybe 2009 that was okay, but I don't remember it. So many Easters the shining highlights were me being sick, unable to join. Others recall children who are not stable or old enough to appreciate it, have fun, not freak out. 

Forget it. I am glad this Easter worked. Everyone was healthy, I made food I liked, there was very little screaming during church and really, it was an exceptionally lovely if exhausting day.

For posterity, though, I feel the need to list some key Easter Take Aways

1) Our family does so much better when we eliminate tchotchkes. That is totally how you spell it, FYI. Toys, bunny ears, eggs, anything colorful or plastic or out of the ordinary in any way causes wild raging inability to cope. (This is a medical term in this house you can call WRITC. WRITC also happens over balloons.) Not all the kids are volatile, but more than one are. Thus, we did not buy any chocolate or "peep" product. We didn't hide anything or give anything small or fight-over-able. My kids have never heard of it, but if they had asked about an Easter Bunny, we would have answered right away it does not exist and is made up completely. 

2) They were so happy and OK with how we celebrated Easter. They each received something new and pretty to wear to church and were happy to see the new clothes laid out next to their beds that morning. It was fun to surprise them. They had homemade pancake breakfast and we spent time on fun new hair styles, reading scriptures, watched some beautiful videos, looking at the resurrection garden we made. All was well.

3) That is, they were happy until they went to church and kids and teachers spent the whole time talking about their baskets and egg hunts and presents and CANDY!! 

4) Mimi and Fikir felt cheated. Like we didn't provide the kind of US holiday they heard other kids getting. They wanted to know why we couldn't be like everyone else.

5) I was mad about this. Why does everyone gotta make Easter another flipping Christmas? Why do kids come to church bragging about their loot? Most importantly, why didn't I anticipate this problem? Why do I feel guilty about it and irritated? There is no right or wrong; everyone else's "right" just makes our "right" hard to pull off...

6) I made them carrot cake and they forgave me, almost.

7) The next morning, a massive fight broke out. I mean, screaming, flailing out-of-control brawl over an Easter egg someone must have brought home from church from a well-meaning teacher. I looked at Mimi, and said Last night you asked why we can't do the egg hunt? I didn't even need to finish. She started laughing. All this tears and it just one egg. We have lots of eggs and candy, so bad! Clearly, she got it. I told her, maybe in a few years. We do lots of fun things, other people do this. It evens out. She felt a lot better to see that we aren't just mean, we are saving the Titanic from sinking when we decide to do "less" on holidays.

8) For years I've wanted to do a mini photoshoot of my kidlets on Easter all dolled up. Obviously, this has not come to fruition ever. Until this year. Somehow stars aligned for twelve minutes and I got what I wanted. (Though feel free to note, there is not a speck of green attempting to show its face yet in Boston...)









Singing a little post-holiday Handel's Hallelujah Chorus and feeling grateful for a good day. Would like three days of recovery from the "good day" but still, I love these goofy little stinkers.




S said...

We are at our town's annual Easter egg hunt, and Aberash yells when the Easter Bunny comes out, "He's not real, Mommy, you know he's not real, there a person in there." Would you like her to come to your church next year and make a proclamation. I'm sure she would love to.

Kyra said...

And it's not just Easter. Seems every minor holiday has to be about stuff. A. came home from school on Valentine's day disappointed because I hadn't sent a classroom's worth of dollar store trinkets for him to give away. What did I do with the dollar store stuff he got? Straight into the trash while he wasn't looking. And he didn't even notice. He even brought home crap for St. Patrick's day. What's up with that?

Cindy said...

CUTE pics!

cara said...

Your family is beautiful. They might drive you to distraction but at least you can say they take a good picture.

Lisa-Marie said...

I agree Holidays have gone nuts! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy celebrating, but people have gone over the top!

findingmagnolia said...

Beautiful! Every single one of them! (The kids and the photos.)

We totally do the Easter Bunny. I'd confess that we're part of the group ruining it for you, but since our Easter is on a different day than much of the West celebrates, it's kind of a non-issue. Z can't be bothered to figure out when someone else's Easter is, let alone remember to compare notes about loot.

Burgess said...

I totally have gone the other way -- my neighbor didn't do the "tooth fairy" and her son told my son that it was just me and it pissed me off. I see why you don't do "stuff" and totally appreciate it. I guess I feel that there's only a short amount of time to create the magic and wonder. But then again everyone has different issues and I love that you adjust to what's best for your children, no matter what is happening elsewhere.

Mdivgirl said...

My dad's from Boston, I lived north of Boston in seminary, and Lord-willing, after a decade of living in Taiwan, I'll be back in Boston by next Easter -- or possibly the one after that. All that to say, I'll miss the palm trees in the background of my babies' playground pictures, but it did my heart good to see all the browns and pines of a New England spring.

And that picture of the three girls should be framed and hung up on the wall. If you haven't already hung up all these lovely pictures. With a one year old and a two year old, I know how rare it is for a desired photoshoot to work out, but it surely is wonderful when it does. A week after Easter, I'm still trying to figure out if I can dress them up in their outfits again and take them to the park to try again since all I have is a few shots of them playing in the church nursery.

Popi and CeCe said...

Happy Ester! You children (and your pictures that capture them) are beautiful!

Popi and CeCe said...

...sorry about the typos...