The thing about shoes

Shoes have been giving me grief lately. With six children, all of whom have anywhere from three to seven pairs of shoes, that puts us at approximately eight billion pairs of shoes in this house. At any given time, many are lost, mismatched, don't fit, or are in piles blocking doors, tripping me constantly. I saw Tsega dropping his Crocs out the car window while on a highway last week, and that is just one part of the problem.

Much to my chagrin many of my wily kids, despite having several pairs of shoes, need shoes. They are growing like weeds and it's hard to keep up. I've been checking out second hand stores, and keeping my eyes open for sales, but it is sobering to buy that many shoes for that many people. Shoes have been on my mind big time lately. How to not lose them, how to organize, how to find cost effective replacements, etc., etc.

And then today I was struck by another shoe problem, one far more serious. Some kiddos I love and know in Ethiopia need shoes.  A little guy we sponsor and send to school and his friends are going barefoot, or sometimes wearing ones like these.

Kids grow. Shoes get worn out. You, me, we are blessed to live near Targets, near Old Navys, near Savers, near Nordstroms. As much as we cringe, when it's time for our kids to get new shoes, we get them. Our children do not get kicked out of school because they can't get new shoes. They don't walk on rocks til their feet bleed because Oh well, the shoes don't fit anymore. 

Not to be all braggy, but I just donated a pair. It was $20. And you can donate a pair, too. I know $20 sounds like a lot for a pair of shoes. They should cost less in Ethiopia, right? The way I see it, the logistics of getting more than a hundred forty pairs of shoes that actually are going to fit the actual kids there, to Shanto, Ethiopia is no small task and costs some money, too. If you are in this season of shoe buying, join me and help out a child who needs shoes and will not have them without our help. 
My friend Ingrid writes here about the story behind the shoes in that picture. The little boy wearing them, well, he will break your heart. Click here to help with this important project. It's the easiest donation form I've ever filled out. It will take you less than a minute.
C'mon. Do you hear me bullying you? 

Good. Let's do it. Happy shoe shopping! And if you can't shop, share this with someone you think might be able to, please. Every pair counts, for a real honest-to-goodness child. 

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Ashley said...

Another great organization working with shoes and foot disease is Sole Hope. (Solehope.com) People host shoe parties creating the upper fabric part of the shoes, then they are taken to Uganda where Sole Hope employs widows as shoe makers (creating a sustainable income for their families) then they do medical clinics where they wash feet, remove jiggers (a sand flea in eastern Africa...my Ethiopian sons came home with them but they are called bujali in et), and then give the kids new shoes! Check them out! You can sponsor a pair of shoes through them for only $10.00!