Remember the Baby? The one who needed surgery? *with Update!

* I am humbled, wowed, amazed and grateful for all the donations we've received so far. We are almost to 20% of our goal. See our progress here! I am updating the Surgery for Annan Facebook page regularly with more information about  her, the story, answering questions, so come on by. Please, tell your mom or dad or cousin, anyone who you think could help. Pandering for this little one and her awesome family.*

Thank you. Thank you.

This is gonna get specific, and end with a link to a donation site. Gird your loins.


Blog readers will remember the amazing opportunity our family had this year to host a mom and her sweet baby while they were here in Boston receiving medical treatment, specifically major brain surgery for Baby.

Shortly after Mama B and her little one arrived, we realized our role in their lives would be a bit more than we anticipated. We were excited to have this sweet family here, hosting them for a few weeks while the baby had surgery. But the next day, after a few phone calls to Children's Hospital and Ethiopia, it was clear Mama B was in trouble: the persons who had helped get her and her daughter a medical visa to come to the States, as well as promised to cover the massive fees for treatment, changed their tune. No money.

Baby Annan was here in the US for essential life-saving brain surgery, and Children's Hospital would not even take her pulse without a check for $60,000. There was no option to apply for pro-bono work, despite the obvious fact that there was no way this family would ever come up with that kind of money. That kind of application would take months, and she didn't have months to sit around hoping someone would approve of the treatment.

Hubs and I thought about it and then took a leap of faith like Annan's mother did in hopping on that plane: we covered a major portion of the costs out of our savings, not knowing if we would ever see it again.


The weeks we thought Baby and her Mama would be here stretched into months. I ranted to you all on the Scooping it Up Facebook page about the terrible treatment Mama B received from staff at the hospital, how thoughtless and careless they were in their communication with her about her daughter. About how Hubs and I became major advocates with hospital staff who bulldozed their way past any semblance of sensitivity for someone who was terrified about her daughter's life and was from a different culture and did not speak English.

Mama B kept Amharic alive for our newly adopted daughters,

Mama B helped fine-tune my Ethiopian cooking. 

They became family.


And now, back in Ethiopia, this sweet family has done what they can to pay us some money back but friends, if they pay all the money they make for the next ten years to us, not saving anything for themselves, not saving for their family, they will still be in debt for this surgery. And the fact is, there is a very very high likelihood Baby Annan will need more treatment. She has a lot going on with her brain. And a lot of it isn't good.

We are hoping to alleviate that burden for a family who needs help. Annan is a precious miracle, and she needs help. Now, and for her future. In the US, she'd be receiving intensive, regular medical care. She is in Ethiopia now, and instead of regular MRIs to monitor her brain conditions, her mother was sent back to home with a tape measure and told to "measure to her head to see if it's growing too fast." 

Every dollar counts. Anything you can give is appreciated. The surgery has already been paid for, but now it exists as a debt. Our family, theirs, we could use a little safety net after that leap of faith we all took. It's scary. But I know we are not alone.

If you feel so moved, please share Annana's story,  please "like" the Surgery for Annan Facebook page, and if you can, give $1 dollar, or $6, or $100. We love and appreciate it all. Here is the place to give. 

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