Who Writes this Thing?

The name of this blog sucks. It was a late night emotional decision when I had to switch blogs for the second time in two months due to privacy issues. (Hint: Hiding on the internet doesn't work for long.) My first blog was My Name's Scoop. When trying to create a new space I won the Award for Most Meaningless Name ever, as it is a mere spin off of the only blog name that was on my mind at the time. An adoptee or ten was upset once that the title of my blog may be somehow related to the infamous and hideous "Baby Scoop" era where children were unethically adopted. This is a terrible coincidence as something thing I write about and preach about on this blog is adoption ethics. So, please, let's all take a moment to admit: the blog name is no good. But it is too late. We are stuck.

In recent times our family has moved from close city access to slightly less close city access and on 6.5 acres have started a little farm for our home schoolers. It is wildly fun and involves a lot of goat, sheep and chicken poop, so the "scooping" happening here is not adoption related, it is feces related.

I am Wife, and Mama to six children. Three homegrown, three through international adoption.

This blog serves up an eclectic a mix of food-related posts as I am an ever growing food hippie who is committed to feeding our large family as healthily as I can. We drink raw milk, I dehydrate stuff and ferment stuff. This blog will also touch on adopting kids our journey to healing wounds from that loss. I also write about white privilege. And the crap storm that is international adoption. If you are looking for a "save the orphans" blog you have come to the wrong place. I am first and foremost an advocate for first families and hate adoption agencies who would tear them apart for profit. While this blog did not start off that way, it is now. I cannot help you fund raise for your adoption. I cannot help you choose an ethical adoption agency working in Ethiopia, (or China, Uganda, Ghana, DRC, or VietNam or Colombia.) This is because I do not believe they exist.

There are a few repeated visitors to this blog who enjoy filling in the cracks of what I do not share in order to write ugly, untrue things about me on the internet. The usual lie is "she adopted children who should not have been adopted, and their parents want them back but she won't return them." This is made up. I have written about the loss and trauma and hurt my adopted children have gone through, with their permission, and I write often about my regret I have participated in an industry that undermines first family preservation and separates family for a profit. I write about that extensively on this blog. But please be aware, not everything you may read about my children and their parents in the comments sections of other people's FB and blog posts is true. Most of it is supposition and made up.

I write so I won’t forget this life of mine. I share snippets because parenting can be isolating. I like knowing you are out there. That my voice is more than what reaches my children's ears. I write because So Help Me after all the whining, crying, interrupted sentences, thoughts, pee accidents and dumped out bowls of oatmeal I might have three brain cells left.

I always write late at night which means I make mistakes, spelling, grammatical and philosophic, but I love learning, I am never set in my ways and love and appreciate your comments. I don’t sleep very much and I detest laundry, which means I often land here for blog therapy.

I love to read. I actively and compulsively update my Goodreads reading list so I don't forget what I've read or want to read. Come join the fun!
I am sensitive and wish I could please everyone. I am trying to grow out of this.
I have an exceptional memory for things I read and faces and people.
I have a worthless memory for what I am supposed to do after the kids go to bed. Or tomorrow.
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I write about being Christian here. Sometime I will write about being a feminist Christian.
I don't own ear buds. I do not know what I would do with them if I had them.
I have a problem with trying to control things.

This blog documents life with farm animals, home schooling, and how these things came to us as a way to help give the children stewardship, confidence, calm; all things we needed in spades.

I am married to "Hubs" a finance/investment dude who used to obsess of portfolio companies but now also obsesses over owning tractors and heavy machinery like excavators, and builds animal pens in his free time. He likes to blame me for this (meaning all of it) but between you and me, he loves it.

Any other burning questions can be directed at scoopingitup @ gmail dot com